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Raindrop Essential Oil Massage Belt

  • $ 65.00

This raindrop essential oil massage belt allows you to be hands free during a massage.  Place essential oil bottles into the individual padded pouches and strap around your waist.  There is also a zippered pouch that fits an 8oz carrier oil bottle.  There are 10 essential oil pouches and all of them can be removed.  The pouches and carrier oil bag all have inserts on the back for easy removal if needed.  Use as many or as little as you like.  The belt is padded and each individual pouches are as well.  These are all hand sewn with extra care.  Each belt is black in color with the front of the pouches being a decorative print.  Choose the one you like best. 

Don't you love how each pouch is shaped like a drop of oil?  These would make a wonderful gift.  You can also use them at vendor fairs or make and take classes.  

  • 10 Essential oil pouches fit 5ml or 15ml bottles - Each pouch is removable from belt
  • 1 Massage oil zippered pouch - Also removable - Fits tall skinny 8oz bottles (ex: v6)
  • Padded belt measures 29" 
  • Secure clip with an adjustable length up to 47"

Price includes free shipping

*Essential oils and carrier oil pictured are not included 

 These are the original raindrop massage belts created by Art Dolfcheng

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